Altruette Introduces Two Charms to Benefit THEARC

Altruette Introduces Two Charms to Benefit THEARC

THEARC is proud of annouce that we are the newest cause partner of Altruette, a jewelry company supporting non-profit organizations.The Altruette concept couldn't be simpler: 50% of the net profit from the sale of their charms goes to their cause partners.

To learn more about the school bus charm, click here.

To learn more about the girls rainbow charm, click here.

By wearing this charm you're helping transform lives via THEARC, which provides high quality and accessible social service, cultural, arts, education, recration and health care programs for children and adults in Washington, D.C. Altruette and THEARC have selected a school bus in support of THEARC Bus program, which provides transportation services to members and patrons to our facilty, as well as a rainbow - symbolizing our logo - an arc!

 Beyond financial support, wearing your Altruette bracelet serves another important purpose: it helps spread the word about the work important non-profits are doing to make the world a better place.

These charms would make the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, and undoubtedly would help support the important work which happens at THEARC everyday.

Change the world (and your community) with a charm!

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