Art of the Heirloom Exhibition on View at The Corcoran Community Gallery at THEARC

Art of the Heirloom Exhibition on View at The Corcoran Community Gallery at THEARC

Art of the Heirloom: Cultural Seed Savers

Presented by the Hudson Valley Seed Library

Art of the Heirloom is an exhibition of artist’s interpretations and contemplations of heirloom seeds and the cultural importance of preserving garden heritage. The diversity of the artwork reflects the diversity of heirloom seeds and their stories. It is curated by the Hudson Valley Seed Library and will be on display here at THEARC in the Corcoran Community Gallery throughout the month of June. A piece even features our very own Keith Cook – a staff member of BBAR!

Artists are cultural seed savers, selecting which kernels of beauty, color, and form to keep alive and pass on to future generations. Every year, the Hudson Valley Seed Library commissions new contemporary artists to interpret a distinctive selection of the heirloom varieties in their seed catalog. Artists range from the undiscovered to the up-and-coming to the world renowned. Mediums include oil painting, paper, collage, encaustic, botanical illustration, printmaking, and more.

Each work of art becomes a unique seed pack. The artwork celebrates the beauty, diversity, and stories of the heirloom seeds held within each pack. The original works, twenty one of which are displayed here, form a traveling art exhibit called Art of the Heirloom.

Exhibiting Art of the Heirloom in the Corcoran Community Gallery at the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) holds special significance.   The design for our Genovese Basil art pack was inspired by a community collaboration between HVSL, Habitat for Artists, The Corcoran ArtReach Program, The Washington DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities 5 x 5 Temporary Public Art Project, and THEARC.  The pack features a painting of THEARC’s own Keith Cook, Sr. by artist Nicole Bourgea.  Nicole painted the portrait as a part of AS IS (an urban portrait project) during her residency with Habitat for Artists.  The show also contains works by HFA/HVSL artists Michael Asbill, Simon Draper, Jessica Poser, and Molly Rausch.

Art of the Heirloom on view June 1- 30, 2013

Corcoran Community Gallery

1901 Mississippi Ave SE DC 20020

Monday-Friday:  11 AM - 7 PM, Saturday:  10 AM - 2 PM

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