Engaging technology into a future 11th Street Bridge Park

Engaging technology into a future 11th Street Bridge Park

On November 5, 2013 we invited residents from across the D.C. region to help us brainstorm how to incorporate technology into the 11th Street Bridge Park and help realize our four key goals for the project. Over 50 folks answered the call and came up with inspired ideas!

We would like to thank PEPCO for generously hosting the event at the PEPCO Edison Gallery.

Here is what these bright participants suggested for each of our project goals:

GOAL: Create a healthy community by establishing a safe place for recreation


Bike powered lights and music!

Trail maps that shares the number of miles for each hike, the number of potential calories burned, history of the region, highlight nearby businesses, wildlife viewing areas, etc.

Incorporate sensors into the bridge that measure how many people are running, biking, exercising, etc.

Have visitors help power water features in the park (fountains, spray, etc.) through pedaling, walking, running, etc.

Host regular 5K runs that start / finish at the Bridge Park

Work with Capital Bike Share to share regular bike counts to / from the 11th Street Bridge Park


GOAL: Establish a place of environmental education to re-engage the public with the Anacostia River


Create a visible wildlife clock that displays regular activity of Anacostia River fauna in the morning, afternoon, dusk, night, etc. - when ospreys fish, owls hunt, fish jumping, etc.

Use technology to help identify wildlife along the river (can be used on the bridge or in a kayak / canoe)

Naturalists led group kayak tours with interpretation

Create an app that can identify nature sounds (bird calls, frogs croaking, etc.)

Establish a day camp on ecology during the summer or spring break

Track the three foot daily tidal surge of the Anacostia River


GOAL: Reconnect the communities of Wards 6, 7 & 8


While the 11th Street Bridge Park is under construction offer:

  • Viewfinder / peep hole to watch construction (and include a live web cam)
  • Tweet board on both sides of the bridge so one side can talk / tweet to each other (use hashtags, open ended questions, visitor comments, etc.)
  • Display time lapse photos of river traffic – boats, kayaks, etc.

When 11th Street Bridge Park is open:

  • Create story board where people can leave messages about their experiences with river, thoughts about the park, etc.
  • Stagger exhibits / attractions to pull people across the bridge
  • Use technology to display the history of adjacent neighborhood, recorded oral histories, etc.
  • Create a photo booth on the Bridge Park and compile images over time, projected in the park
  • Create information board that shows events, restaurants, bus / street car arrivals, restaurant specials, etc.
  • Create Nationals Baseball “cheap seats” section projecting live games on the bridge
  • Establish bricks with names of nearby residents throughout the park
  • Crowd-sourced programming suggestions
  • Showcase historic images over time through a projection or through public art – 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 25, etc.
  • Host annual gingerbread model competition


GOAL: Serve as an anchor for economic development in adjoining neighborhoods


Have podcasts that take visitors into the nearby communities (and showcase nearby shops, restaurants, etc.)

Advertise 11th Street Bridge Park activities /nearby businesses on local 90 Bus

Install regular art installations in collaboration with nearby schools

Create signage directing visitors to nearby restaurants, shops, etc.