Lieutenant Colonel Kicks Off Leadership Series at WSG

Lieutenant Colonel Kicks Off Leadership Series at WSG

LTC (Ret.) Deborah Snyder recently visited THEARC Campus as part of WSG's ongoing Leadership Series, in which the school welcomes special visitors to share their experiences and expertise with the students. 

LTC (Ret.) Deborah Snyder encouraged students to work hard to achieve their goals. "I was the youngest, shortest person in my class when I was in middle school. Look where I ended up," explained Snyder.

LTC Snyder is a decorated combat veteran who served for over 20 years as a helicopter pilot with the United States Army and now works in the Department of Defense. She also serves as the President and CEO of Operation Renewed Hope, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating the homelessness of veterans in the DC Metro region. 

During her talk with the girls, Snyder candidly answered questions about her service as a woman in the military, her inspiration to serve our country, and her current work. She also quizzed students on the phonetic alphabet and emphasized the importance of physical fitness and health. 

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