Virginia Tech Graduate Students Study 11th Street Bridge Park - Final Reports

Virginia Tech Graduate Students Study 11th Street Bridge Park - Final Reports

This report represents the work of students enrolled in the Planning Studio of the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program at Virginia Tech’s National Capital Region campus.  Working closely with 11th Street Bridge Park Project Director, Scott Kratz, students spent the spring semester of 2013 conducting an in depth study designed to inform the process of transforming the obsolete 11th Street Bridge into DC’s first elevated park.

The studio team produced a set of three independent but related reports:

1) People, Places and Plans includes an analysis of demographic characteristics of census tracts adjacent to the proposed 11th Street Bridge Park; an inventory of unstructured spaces, structured active spaces, cultural points and food related spaces in the vicinity; and an assessment of other relevant planning documents and initiatives with overlapping goals. 

2) Access, Walkability and Wayfinding examines and provides recommendations on issues that relate to the experience of getting to the 11th Street Bridge Park.

3) Elevated Parks on the Rise presents six detailed case studies of projects with key similarities to and lessons for the 11th Street Bridge Park.  The analysis looks closely at four main issues: site context; planning process; management, operations and programming; and site design considerations. 

The 11th Street Bridge Park would like to thank the talented students who spent four months exploring the Bridge Park, studio advisor Elizabeth Morton and Virginia Tech. Their work will continue to inform our efforts to create a new civic space supporting the community's physical, environmental and economic health.